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Ruthimex is located at 89, Street 128, Tan Thanh Dong Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City. With a history of 45 years of establishment and development, Ruthimex affirms that it is the leading enterprise in Vietnam participating in the supply chain. global production and supply of a variety of technical rubber spare parts for applications in industrial and civil industries, such as: automobile, water supply and drainage, machine manufacturing, electrical industry electronics, mining, construction and medical industry.

The campus of Ruthimex factories is located amidst natural green areas, flower gardens, and miniature landscapes, creating a cool and fresh atmosphere, giving a feeling of closeness to nature.




With a total area of nearly 110,000 square meters, the entire system of 5 production factories and functional departments of Ruthimex is arranged and operated according to strictly controlled processes, with high connectivity and efficiency. maximum efficiency in the production process.

In addition, Ruthimex has invested in a solar power system installed on the factory roofs with a total initial capacity of 3MW, contributing power to the production system and internal activities, reducing production costs.



Paying attention to the standards of "green factory" and "green products", Ruthimex has searched for new, green and environmentally friendly materials to meet the requirements of customers in developed countries. using high environmental standards.




Diverse products with outstanding quality are the constant motto that puts Ruthimex firmly on the path of integration into the global supply chain of the multi-industry technical rubber industry. Diversity and quality are built by Ruthimex on the foundation of modern facilities and factories.





Besides focusing on green factory standards and green products thanks to investing in renewable energy, welcoming new materials and developing green areas on a large campus, Ruthimex prioritizes investment in technological innovation, continuously encourage the spirit of creativity in production, mold making, quality management and improving customer service quality.



With a number of more than 1,000 employees, Ruthimex always fully implements policies and employee welfare, taking care of the material life and mental health of employees through investment in improving the quality of the production environment and protecting the health of workers from the production area to the clean and airy restaurant, food hygiene and safety, community house, sports area. Furthermore, Ruthimex pays attention to the public skills training, compliance, corporate culture building, and employee professionalism.




It is the care and concern for life that has a positive impact on the creative ability of workers, contributing to the breadth of initiatives and improvements that are more effective and highly feasible to apply to the production activities of the company.



Not stopping at caring for the mental health and lives of workers, Ruthimex also focuses on propaganda and raising awareness of gender equality at the unit: Demonstrated through equality in labor use, access to welfare policies, equal opportunities to participate in training and retraining programs, improve skills and develop professional expertise.



All for a Vietnamese brand that fully meets quality, environmental and labor standards both domestically and internationally.

Ruthimex is making efforts to invest and focus on becoming a "green factory" which is one of the extremely important factors to enhance the value of "VIET Brand" in the context of economic integration.

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